Song of Solomon 3:6-11

3:6 The Speaker:

Who is this coming up from the wilderness

like a column of smoke,

like a fragrant billow of myrrh and frankincense,

every kind of fragrant powder of the traveling merchants?

7 Look! It is Solomon’s portable couch!

It is surrounded by sixty warriors,

some of Israel’s mightiest warriors.

8 All of them are skilled with a sword,

well trained in the art of warfare.

Each has his sword at his side,

to guard against the terrors of the night.

9 King Solomon made a sedan chair for himself

of wood imported from Lebanon.

10 Its posts were made of silver;

its back was made of gold.

Its seat was upholstered with purple wool;

its interior was inlaid with leather by the maidens of Jerusalem.

11 Come out, O maidens of Zion,

and gaze upon King Solomon!

He is wearing the crown with which his mother crowned him

on his wedding day,

on the most joyous day of his life!