Isaiah 11:1-12:6

11:1 A shoot will grow out of Jesse’s root stock,

a bud will sprout from his roots.

2 The Lord’s Spirit will rest on him—

a Spirit that gives extraordinary wisdom,

a Spirit that provides the ability to execute plans,

a Spirit that produces absolute loyalty to the Lord.

3 He will take delight in obeying the Lord.

He will not judge by mere appearances

or make decisions on the basis of hearsay.

4 He will treat the poor fairly

and make right decisions for the downtrodden of the earth.

He will strike the earth with the rod of his mouth

and order the wicked to be executed.

5 Justice will be like a belt around his waist,

integrity will be like a belt around his hips.

6 A wolf will reside with a lamb,

and a leopard will lie down with a young goat;

an ox and a young lion will graze together,

as a small child leads them along.

7 A cow and a bear will graze together,

their young will lie down together.

A lion, like an ox, will eat straw.

8 A baby will play

over the hole of a snake;

over the nest of a serpent

an infant will put his hand.

9 They will no longer injure or destroy

on my entire royal mountain.

For there will be universal submission to the Lord’s sovereignty,

just as the waters completely cover the sea.

10 At that time a root from Jesse will stand like a signal flag for the nations. Nations will look to him for guidance, and his residence will be majestic. 11 At that time the Lord will again lift his hand to reclaim the remnant of his people from Assyria, Egypt, Pathros, Cush, Elam, Shinar, Hamath, and the seacoasts.

12 He will lift a signal flag for the nations;

he will gather Israel’s dispersed people

and assemble Judah’s scattered people

from the four corners of the earth.

13 Ephraim’s jealousy will end,

and Judah’s hostility will be eliminated.

Ephraim will no longer be jealous of Judah,

and Judah will no longer be hostile toward Ephraim.

14 They will swoop down on the Philistine hills to the west;

together they will loot the people of the east.

They will take over Edom and Moab,

and the Ammonites will be their subjects.

15 The Lord will divide the gulf of the Egyptian Sea;

he will wave his hand over the Euphrates River and send a strong wind;

he will turn it into seven dried-up streams

and enable them to walk across in their sandals.

16 There will be a highway leading out of Assyria

for the remnant of his people,

just as there was for Israel,

when they went up from the land of Egypt.

12:1 At that time you will say:

“I praise you, O Lord,

for even though you were angry with me,

your anger subsided, and you consoled me.

2 Look, God is my deliverer!

I will trust in him and not fear.

For the Lord gives me strength and protects me;

he has become my deliverer.”

3 Joyfully you will draw water

from the springs of deliverance.

4 At that time you will say:

“Praise the Lord!

Ask him for help!

Publicize his mighty acts among the nations.

Make it known that he is unique.

5 Sing to the Lord, for he has done magnificent things;

let this be known throughout the earth.

6 Cry out and shout for joy, O citizens of Zion,

for the Holy One of Israel acts mightily among you!”